Cost of developing an on-demand service provider app in 2020

In this digital world, on-demand application systems are very-helpful to satisfy the requirements of the customers by quickly providing services and goods. 

Technologies make human life comfortable and more convenient. People can get anything they want or obtain instant services with a couple of buttons touched on their smartphones through different on-demand solutions. 

On-demand applications solve problems of humans with real-world solutions. Here are much on-demand application available in real-world that very helpful in their daily life, InovCares make an online appointment with the doctor, Cookster book professional chef to your doorstep. 

In today's world, many on-demand applications are available in the market like Healthcare services app, food delivery app, and many more. 

If you have any on-demand business ideas, we are here to convert your app idea into a real-world application.

Growth & Market of On-demand Economy

The Below figure indicates that the on-demand market grows speedily.

  • 86.5 Million Americans people are using on-demand mobile Applications

  • On-demand application development investments are $10,293 Billion in the 4th quarter of 2017. 

  • On-demand app development revenue will be $335 Billion by the year 2025.

  • On-demand application users spent annually $57.6 billion.

  • 51% of retailers offer same-day delivery services.

    Why Choose On-demand Apps?

    The on-demand economy is rapidly growing day by day nowadays. We discuss some features below why people choose on-demand apps.

    Instant Access -  Users can order anywhere with a touch couple of buttons on their smartphones. You can book a taxi, appointments with doctors, order food and many more whenever you want.

    In-app purchase - On-demand app users securely pay for services through credit card, debit card, and many other online payment systems from your on-demand app through a smartphone.

    Better Transparency - Whenever you order goods and services through an on-demand app, an interactive map feature allows you to track orders. This feature gives better transparency to users.

    Structure of On-Demand Application 

    On-demand app structure includes three parts

    1. User App - As the name defines, a user's app is a customer's app that includes customer profile, order booking, track order, payment, support, and many other features.
    2. Service Provider App - The service provider app is designed for business owners and companies to be authorized to add or remove services. This app includes features such as notifications, service requests, track payments, cancel orders, accept orders, and more in a few clicks.
    3. Admin Panel - Admin panel comes with great features where you can manage both users & service providers, as well as we can download analytics reports in a single click.

Types of On-demand Apps

  1. Business to Consumer (B2C)

  2. Business to Business (B2B)

  3. Consumer to Consumer(B2C)

    On-demand Health Care & Beauty Services App


    On-demand Healthcare app is very-helpful to connect patients with doctors instantly and get an online consultation. Beauty service app connects with all beauty experts, who can provide service at your doorstep.

    On-Demand Delivery Service App 

    On-Demand delivery apps are more secured and cheap nowadays. Food delivery, courier services, and goods delivery, and many more are examples of on-demand delivery services apps.

    On-Demand Educational Solution Apps

    On-demand apps revolutionize the education system. You can find the tutor now online. You can also learn new languages from online educational apps and also join online live classes.

    Features of On-demand Service application

       On-demand service Application features vary as per user requirements. Here are some characteristics and functionalities. Which are included generally in on-demand apps are given below.

    1.  User Profile
    2. Marketplace
    3. order/service Booking
    4. Cart
    5. Payment/Wallet
    6. Reviews
    7. Map Navigation
    8. Chat
    9. Support

Cost of Development On-Demand App Solutions?

The cost of an on-demand service app varies depending on the platform and functionally. The cost of development is higher, while you want to make it from scratch. But while you choose a ready-made solution, it saves your money and also saves time. 

Let's discuss a rough budget for your on-demand service application. On-demand service app tree major parts, User App, Service Provider Apps, and their key elements are profile, cart, payments, reviews, chat, and Map.

Approx 600 hours need to develop a complete on-demand application for admin panel need approx 150 to 180 hours, for Mobile app development (User app, Service provider app) need approx 400 to 450 hours. You should be ready to spend around $15000.

Erginous Ready-Made On-Demand Service App Solution

Erginous Technologies has Healthcare Solutions and Educational Apps.

Evidyaa - The School App is a fully customizable software application. In this fully customizable school management application, we add or remove any feature from the app as per requirement.

Healthcare Solution - Our Healthcare Solution essential App is fully customizable. This app develops to manage hospitals, clinics, online consultations, online appointments with doctors, and many more. If you want to add extra features to the application we developed.


If you have an on-demand business idea and need an on-demand app for your business, we build a highly interactive app for you. Hiring an experienced and professional development team is the first step to success in your project.