Confused? Whether to hire a company or a freelancer


The dream of metamorphosing an idea of an amazing web project into the reality may disappear as soon as one realizes the amount of developing effort is required.

A conundrum that patronage goes through to make a decision about whom to trust with the creation of your web solution which is bringing your idea to life. Would it be better to go for a freelancer or to hire a company which has the talent of specialized skills to transform your vision. The first and foremost thing to do when you are facing the same dilemma is to understand the difference between the two:

A company is an entity that engages in business and is made up of an association of people.

A freelancer is an individual who is self-employed; he/she works for themselves rather than a company.

I would like to throw my two-cent wisdom and bet on IT companies, are far better for hiring than depending upon a freelancer. Following are the reasons why I feel the certain way and hope you will appreciate too:


1. Cooperation

A freelancer will complete your project, say as per your requirement but the question arises whether the person is reliable for long cooperation? Will he/she be available if you run into any issues in future? On the contrary, companies provide a full cycle of high-quality services over a long period of time. Right from the consulting to the technical support- one can rely on the company for a longer period of time.


2. Expertise

Hiring and working with freelancers, you will need to hire again and again, if the person that you have hired in the first place has hit the wall and won’t be able to complete tasks which are out of reach from his area of expertise, whereas, software development company will provide you a team of highly skilled programmers as well as designers who have expertise in their respective fields.


3. Management

If you go for a freelancer, one will make their own schedule whenever it is feasible for them to work, which might result in missing deadlines. On the other hand, cooperating with a company allows you to communicate with experienced project managers, who work in a fully professional way and with total dedication.


4. End product’s quality

Independent developers are only interested in making profit and completing the project as soon as possible, completely ignoring the quality standards, which is why the quality of the end product is not up to the standards of your expectation and satisfaction as well, unlike the quality of the end product which is delivered by companies by meeting coding standards as well as quality standards. As a matter of fact, only happy clients pave the way for the future growth and clientele for the company.


To conclude, there are many other factors which contribute to the success of projects’ delivery in a software development company, for instance, stability and trust, work environment, caring about the client’s project as if it is their own and so on. In the end, there is nothing to talk about whether who is the winner. Web Development Company takes the cake.