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With 1Rent, you can rent just about anything or lend out any item you own easily from the comfort of your home. Just open the app and go through the different categories and look for the items you want to rent or start earning money by uploading items for others to find and rent from you.

Choose from any of the over 10 categories and over 50 sub-categories for the item you want. Search for the category you want or for the exact item you are looking for under each category. Use our amazing filter to search by Price, Popularity or How recently the item was listed.

Easily communicate with those who want to rent out your items or communicate with the owners of the items you would like to rent. Get more information about the item, location of the items and all other information you may want to know.

1Rent Mobile APP - Erginous

Features Listing

  • Single user role for renter and rentee
  • Option to send rent request
  • Renter can chat and decide whether to accept/decline the request
  • Renter can set availability, price, quantity of the items
  • Categories and subcategories to choose from
  • ID verification using Government-assigned ID
  • Firebase chat
  • Geofencing











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1Rent Mobile APP - Erginous
What we did


  • UI/UX
  • Native Android app
  • Web APIs
  • Web APIs

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Fantastic experience. The developer and his team did a fantastic job. Technically very proficient while also providing practical guidance. I enjoyed collaborating on our project and am very happy with the outcome.


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